This site is a compilation of my perspective. Through photography and brand strategy work.



Who is: Metaxist.

I'm Justin.

Caught as we are between being and becoming, I see life as an ongoing process of self-creation. 

So, I spend my time collecting perspectives from nature, art, literature, and film to illuminate my own understanding of the way we, as atomized individuals, make sense of ourselves amid the strangeness of the world. 

Professionally, I put that way of being to work as a brand strategist. I observe human behavior within the context of Metaxis to uncover insights and to build brands that resonate with people at the intersection of being, becoming, culture, and commerce.

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What is: Metaxis.

The structural characteristic of the human condition, Metaxis describes the state of in-betweenness in which we all exist. We spend our lives oscillating among an infinite number of polarities: freedom and fate; irony and sincerity; eternity and time; knowledge and ignorance; love and hate; being and becoming.

To live is to be in flux. But, this condition is not transit from one extremity to another. It's a process of orienting the self uniquely between all.

Metaxis is nothing new. It's a condition Plato defined in The Symposium more than 2,000 years ago.